Daily Walks

If you have been reading these training articles, you have assuredly seen a theme of exercising with your pup. After all, nothing says ‘responsible dog owner’ as much as going for the obligatory daily walk.  Not only are daily walks needed, but they are fun!  We encourage all dog owners to walk their dogs each day, starting from a young age.  Going on a walk is good exercise, it helps with socialization, and it provides tons of mental stimulation!

Many dogs do not receive enough exercise, and this often leads to obesity and other health problems.  Daily walks can help prevent these issues since they are a safe form of exercise that a dog can enjoy throughout their entire life.  Young puppies aren't ready for intense exercise yet due to their rapidly developing bodies, but short walks are great! If you are worried about their joints walking on hard surfaces like concrete or asphalt, let them walk on the grass next to the sidewalk. Ten minutes is a great starting place with a young puppy, and you can increase the length of the walk the older the dog gets. These daily walks are not only great exercise for your dog but you as well. Throughout the years, there have been many studies showing that dog owners are healthier than non-dog owners. They play a large role in both the mental and physical health of the owner and the dog. 

Walks also help to socialize your pup. Socialization is so important that we have dedicated multiple full articles on it. If you have not read them, you should go back and do so. While out on your daily walks, your pup will see people, dogs, other animals, trucks, cars, and countless other things they will encounter throughout their lives. Seeing these things during a puppy's Critical Socialization Period is incredibly important! As your dog ages, continuing to see these things will help ensure your dog remains well socialized for life.

Your dog will get a ton of mental stimulation from their daily walk and is very important for their long-term well-being. Dogs need a chance to see new things, hear new things, and smell new things! Dogs live for adventure, and being cooped up all day in the house is not enough for them to live their best life. A simple daily walk adds so much stimulation to their day and does make a difference.

We cannot forget the last reason daily walks are essential. They are fun!!!!!  Walks are such a great time to bond with your pup and spend time together. There is no greater joy than exploring the great outdoors with your little buddy!

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