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Kianna - Your Donation Will Help Her Lead A Pain Free Life

It was early July when we received a call about an Alaskan Malamute in need of being rehomed. The owner was sick and could no longer take care of her. 

She wanted to make sure her dog got into a safe, loving rescue that would help her find a new home. We met Kianna, and it was love at first sight!

Kianna is a two-year-old, 96-pound ball of love. She is gentle, good with other dogs, and loves people of all ages. From the moment she arrived, she was a staff and volunteer favorite.  The volunteers love spending time with her in a play yard. She amuses everyone with her silly antics and playful nature.

A few weeks after she arrived, we noticed that something was off with her gait. She would occasionally limp, and if she tried to go up or down stairs, she would bunny hop. We took her to our vet, and X-rays determined that Kianna would need to have a total hip replacement on both hips. Many veterinarians cannot perform total hip replacements, so Kianna would have to go to a teaching hospital for the procedure.  We called several hospitals and finally scheduled the procedure with Purdue University.

After an initial consultation with the surgeon, Kianna’s first surgery was scheduled for early October. The surgeon recommended the Kianna do prehab exercises to help strengthen her hips to make surgery recovery easier. We immediately scheduled Kianna for 12 sessions of the underwater treadmill. She also sees a chiropractor regularly. Luckily, two volunteers opened their hearts and home to Kianna so she would not have to live in the kennel during her prehab and surgeries. They have been fostering her and taking her to all her appointments. Their dedication is outstanding! We have some great volunteers!

As you can imagine, Kianna’s prehab and surgeries are very costly. In total, it will cost about $12,000. Donating toward Kianna’s surgeries will not only ensure that she gets what she needs; it will also help the shelter when other animals are in need. By taking some of Kianna’s financial burden off West Suburban Humane Society now, you will be putting the shelter in a better position to support the next homeless pet with medical issues.

Kianna deserves a pain-free life, and when you donate to her cause, you will help make that goal a reality. West Suburban Humane Society will be extremely grateful for your support. It will be a huge help and will be paid forward.

Kianna will soon have her surgeries, and once she is completely healed, she will be up for adoption. Whoever adopts her will be very lucky and have a friend for life.

From Kianna and the staff and volunteers of West Suburban Humane Society, we heartily thank you for considering a donation! Your donation can and does save lives!

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