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Volunteer Spotlight - Meet The Thursday Midday Cat Crew

Laura Laita, Melanie Zimmer and Bob Hilgert are the top-notch trio in the cattery on Thursday afternoons.  

This team has more than 11,000 volunteer hours between them and that’s only for the past decade!  Laura and Bob have been volunteering even longer; Laura started in 2003 and Bob in 1989.  Laura and Melanie have been volunteering together since 2009.  Somewhere along the way, Bob subbed for Melanie on the Thursday midday shift and he never left!

Laura, Melanie and Bob are passionate about the felines at WSHS.  They love getting to know all the cats by name and personality and they relish in showing each of them to potential adopters.  Melanie said one of the best things about volunteering at WSHS is watching the cats blossom during their temporary stay at the adoption center and knowing that she helped make a difference, especially with the shy cats.  Laura really likes working on the showing shift.  She is always thrilled when that perfect family walks in the door and wants to adopt a cat who has been waiting a long time.

Melanie and Bob both volunteer at the adoption center on other weekly shifts, and Bob and his wife foster kittens and special needs cats for WSHS.  When not at the shelter, Melanie enjoys sports of any kind and Bob enjoys reading.  Melanie is also an avid traveler; she’s been to every continent.  Laura loves gardening and has raised butterflies from caterpillars.  She has shared her butterfly hobby with WSHS summer campers!

If you ever have a chance to be at the adoption center on a Thursday afternoon, pop into the cattery and this terrific team will introduce you to their feline friends.  You can’t miss them; they’re the ones in the matching smiles and t-shirts!

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