Volunteer Your Time

The West Suburban Humane Society would not exist without the dedicated efforts of our volunteer team.  We depend on them to help with the care, feeding, and transportation of animals; temporary care of dogs, puppies, cats, or kittens; clerical work; humane education; fundraising and public events.  For information about group volunteering or service projects, please click here.

Basic requirements for joining our volunteer team:

  1. Commit to a regular 2-3 hour weekly shift (bi-weekly on weekends) for at least one year (Note: There are a limited number of summer-only openings each summer.  See below for more information).
  2. Complete a volunteer application
  3. Meet our age requirements - must be at least 16 to volunteer independently (ages 12-15 must volunteer with a parent  when working with the dogs, ages 10-15 must volunteer with a parent when working with the cats)
  4. Have a valid email address
  5. Attend both an orientation and training
  6. Purchase a volunteer t-shirt ($10)

Additional Qualifications

  1. An understanding and passion for animal welfare issues
  2. Willingness to clean and help in any way needed
  3. Positive attitude
  4. Ability to work well independently and within a team
  5. Attention to detail

Steps to becoming a volunteer:

  1. Submit a volunteer application electronically.
  2. You will receive an email confirming receipt of the application and requesting a confirmation of your commitment.  Please respond to this email.
  3. When there are shift openings, you will be notified by email of openings and orientation times.  You will need to select a shift time.  If there is not one that fits your schedule at that time, let the volunteer coordinator know and you will be contacted with future openings.
  4. Once you are assigned to a shift, you will need to attend the New Volunteer Orientation, an hour and a half long training to introduce you to the shelter and our volunteer program.  At the end of the orientation, you will sign up for additional training in the area of your choice.
  5. Attend the training, a hands-on experience that will cover the basic responsibilities of your new volunteer position.  The volunteer coordinator will send you an email with information about starting your shift.
  6. Once you have completed training, you will be ready to get started on your shift, where you will shadow an experienced volunteer until you are comfortable on your own.

We will work to match your availability with our needs.  The process of becoming a new volunteer can take a few weeks to a few months.  If you have any questions, please contact the volunteer coordinator at 630-960-9600 x 45 or volunteer@wshs-dg.org.

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Animal Transporting

Cattery and House Cat Positions

  1. Cattery Cleaning
  2. Cattery Showing (Adoption Assistant)
  3. Cattery Socializing
  4. House Cat Cleaning

Front Desk Adoption Counselor

Humane Education

  1. Kennel Cleaning
  2. Kennel Showing (Adoption Assistant)
Temporary Care (Separate application is required). Click here for a canine temporary care application,. Click here for a feline temporary care application.

Summer Volunteers

Each summer, we do have a limited number of summer-only positions.  Applications for summer volunteering are due by May 15th.  Please indicate clearly on your application that you are looking to volunteer for the summer.  We will hold orientation and training sessions at the end of May and beginning of June for summer positions.

Group Volunteering

For more information about group volunteering or service projects, please click here.

For more information about group volunteer opportunities, please review our Group Volunteer Description. To apply for group volunteering, please complete and submit a Group Volunteer Application via fax, 630-960-9604 or email, volunteer@wshs-dg.org.