Volunteer Spotlight - Friday Morning House Cats

Friday morning house cat volunteers Kalin, Jennifer, and Charles work hard each week to get all the cages cleaned and litter boxes scooped out before the shelter opens at 11:00 am.

But what each of them enjoys most about volunteering is spending time with the cats after the cleaning is done. Kalin has been on the shift the longest, since December 2012, and Jennifer and Charles have been on the team for the past 2½ years. Jennifer said they work together “like a well oiled cat poop scooping machine.”  

Jennifer is a former foster mom for some of our shelter puppies, “until it became clear I couldn’t give some of them up.” So, she has 3 dogs all from WSHS: Henry, adopted June 2013, Charlie (foster failure #1), Finn (foster failure #2) and 3 cats, Mr. and Mrs. Ira and Judy Catzenberg and their son Walter (he’s adopted). Kalin also adopted her dog Lucky from West Suburban in 2008. He’s a cattle dog/pointer/shepherd/shar pei mix! Charles currently does not have pets at home but he plays basketball and his team recently won the state tournament. 

Volunteering at WSHS can also be a learning experience. Charles has found that some of the animals take time to become social and enjoys interacting with the many different breeds of cats. Jennifer says that she’s learned that she likes animals more than people sometimes, while Kalin enjoys working with all the animals and humans at WSHS.