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Piper - A Special Girl Looking for a Special Home

Piper here - Everyone calls me special, and I think they’re right! I am the whole package: beauty, loyalty, and character to spare! I will make you laugh every day with my goofy ways and uncoordinated feet. Actually, that’s one thing they mean when they say I’m “special.” See, I had parvo as a puppy, and while I’m otherwise healthy now, I suffered some neurological damage. It doesn’t bother me except that sometimes it’s hard to do tricky maneuvers like stairs. My foster mom says it adds to my charm! I like most dogs and cats, but I don’t like to share with them, so I’d do best as an only child. I need a quiet home (no little kids, please – they’re spooky but 12 and up is okay!) with dog experience & patience to let me settle in and shine. I love to play, but I’d rather hang out in the yard than go for walks, so a fenced yard is a must for me! I have perfect house manners and, truth be told, I’m on the lazy side. Foster Mom says I make the best dinosaur noises when I’m settling in for my favorite pastime: a good nap! I have a lot of friends at the shelter. One of them is Katie, my massage therapist. Here is a nice story that Katie would like to share about me:

"Piper and I have been pals since she was a puppy. I have been her massage therapist while she has been at WSHS and we have grown very close. Here is a beyond touching story about sweet, Piper.

Last year, my dear friend Jillian endured some of the most traumatic events in her life. A little back story, her brother Josh was in a horrible accident 15 years ago that resulted in him becoming quadrapalegic. Her parents and family put their lives aside to do anything and everything for Josh. Last July, Josh passed away. The day after he passed, I was planning on having Piper come to my house for her massage and an outing. Knowing how sweet Piper is and how much Jillian needed some comfort, I invited Jillian to join us. Piper, Jillian and I sat outside together for Piper's massage. Piper sat with Jillian as she mourned, let her hug her and was able to put a smile on Jillian's face. It was beautiful. Sometimes just having someone there is all you need. Piper was able to give Jillian the comfort and love she needed at the moment. Piper did this for a complete stranger. She is that amazing.

Piper is beautiful inside and out and will fill your heart. Please help find this sweet girl her forever home."

I've been waiting a long time for my own home - could yours be special enough for me?



featured pet noir

Noir - A Big Boy with a Big Heart

Noir is a big boy with a bigger heart! He has a lot of love to give and is looking for someone to give it to! Unfortunately, Noir has been diagnosed with PTSD by his behavioral veterinarian from when a closet fell on his head when he was a young adult. This means when he gets triggered by a loud noise, or something leaning over him (a person, for example), he may start to hiss and lash out. However, there are several therapies to help him continue to manage his PTSD, such as puzzle toys, regular play time, clicker training, medication, and a consistent environment. All of which has helped him immensely. Noir is looking for a place to recover and heal him, could that be your home?


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