Happy Endings

Happy Endings

Once an animal leaves the shelter with it's new family, our staff and volunteers are always thrilled to hear how they are doing in their new home. Whether it's a letter with a photo, phone call, personal visit, or e-mail, hearing from happy adopters really brightens our day!

Cletus Finds a New Home!

We adopted a dog there, named Cletus, in July. I want to let you know that he is one of the best dogs we've ever had, and we love him so much! He is so happy here, and his personality is unbelievable! We can tell that he is so appreciative. Thanks for letting us adopt him.

- Laura Merrinette

Raider Completes Our Family

We adopted a dog from your shelter back in June and we are so grateful for how kindly we were treated and the care that went into the adoption process. The dog's name was Rocco (we changed it to Raider) and we fell in love with him the moment we saw him on your web site. We were fortunate to get our boys in to meet him and be able to adopt him and this little guy has touched our lives. He completes our family and makes us laugh on a daily basis. Thank you for allowing Raider to own us.

- The Tollner Family

Penny: The Most Wonderful Christmas Gift!

Penny formally known as Tracey was and is the most wonderful Christmas gift I could ask for. The moment she stepped out of her carrier she was nudging me for love. Everyday she blossoms and shows loving appreciation for having a new home. She greets me at the door whenever I leave and now wakes me up with a vigorous cleaning in the middle of the night. She is sweet and charming. Thank you!

- Jeni Hrefen and Penny

Maggie and Maven Bring Joy and Love

Maggie and Maven are well loved and have adjusted beautifully. They play and purr and love to be petted but not held. They have brought me so much joy and I love them so much. Thank you for letting me adopt them.

- Melanie Kaneski

Cappuccio Loves Car Rides!

Hey we're the owners of Cappuccino, well now Cappuccio Prindeville. We have had Cappuccino for almost four months now. The first week he had to be coaxed into the car, but now he loves to go for car rides. Same with the cage. At first we had to put a treat in the cage to get him to go in, now he just goes in if we call him and we're standing by the cage. He only goes in the cage if we're going to bed or if we leave the house, if we go on long trips he stays at the babysitters house. He has lots of dog friends there and always runs around with them. He has become a very sweet and loving dog. He loves his fmily and his family loves him. Cappuccino says hi and so do his family members.

- The Prindeville Family

Spartacus Makes New Friends

I just wanted to give you an update on Spartacus. He has adapted well with our other two cats. Spartacus loves to look out the window and he can sit in my lap for hours. Spartacus was a very good choice for another cat in our house. He has a very good personality and gets along well with my other two cats.

- Margaret Dean

Becker the Kitty Brings Joy

I wanted to write and tell you how much we love our kitty Becker. We adopted him from you about 1 year ago and he's been a joy ever since. Enclosed is a donation to help you keep up the good work! Thanks again.

- Lianna Andre

We Are Thankful for Himilaya

I am writing to let you know Himilaya is doing wonderful! From the day I brought him home, he has been a pleasure. He is doing well on his prescription wet/dry food you recommended. With the info you provided me, I have noticed no troubles with his allergies. He likes his food very much and does not forget to remind me of his feeding times. Himilaya I am sure is very thankful your organization has a no kill policy. He is my perfect roommate!

- Tracy and Himilaya

Thank You for My Forever Home 

High Fives to everyone at the West Suburban Humane Society. I thought I would write a note just to say thank you for my new forever home. We have been together for four months now and I've learned a lot. The big thing that I learned is that I can't be a bully. My vet says I am a very smart dog but I can be a pretty big bully sometimes. I am working on that. Sometimes I play a little rough, but I'm working on that too! I have my own yard! We go for walks! We play Frisbee! I really like I there and we want to say thank you.

- Buzz and Family

If you would like to share your adoption success story with the staff and volunteers at the West Suburban Humane Society, e-mail or send a letter and photo to 1901 Ogden Avenue, Downers Grove, IL 60515. We look forward to hearing from you!