Our Staff

We employ 2 full-time and 8 part-time employees, along with numerous volunteers. The paid staff are:


Name Position Telephone
Carolyn Mossberger Executive Director (630) 960-9600 ext. 25
Sarah Stromberg Animal Care Manager (630) 960-9600 ext. 23
Brigitte Black Animal Care Assistant  
Janet Hunt Animal Care Assistant  
Patti Miller Volunteer Coordinator (630) 960-9600 ext. 45
Mary Edwards Adoption Desk Manager (630) 960-9600 ext. 10
Kitty van Gemmeren Night/Weekend Manager (630) 960-9600 ext. 0
Roberta Diehl Night/Weekend Manager (630) 960-9600 ext. 0
Deb Waggoner Night/Weekend Manager (630) 960-9600 ext. 0
Carol Thygesen Night/Weekend Manager (630)960-9600 ext. 0


WSHS Board of Directors

WSHS Board Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of every other month. If you think you have something to contribute as a member of our Board of Directors, please contact Carolyn Mossberger, Executive Director.

The current board members are:

Kurt Mohr, President
Lorie Bonham, Vice President
Cathy Pesavento, Controller/Treasurer
Pam Kevil, Recording Secretary
Cynthia Brasic, Director
Christina Morrison, Director  
Ken Eisenberg, Director
Diana Tsai, Director

Linda Carlisle, Director

Suzanne Kavic, Director

Jennifer Bahlmann, Director